Data Center / Distributed Edge

By their very definition, Data Centers drive the backbone of data with Edge Data Centers meeting the evolving demand for reliable infrastructure closer to the end-user. In either case, we are talking about millions of data points critical to the operation of a portfolio. Radix IoT, enabled by Mango offers a flexible, and easy-to-operate solution to conquer the changes of remote operation. From one location to tens of thousands, Mango with the Radix IoT Cloud offers a secure and repeatable solution for deployment that will scale with your business and enterprise.
A Typical Design
Key Benefits for Distributed Edge
Global Empowerment
Robust fault detection, monitoring, and control of all your subsystems located in one place. From breaker disposition, energy monitoring, environmental control, and more. Data is analyzed locally and moved to the Radix IoT Cloud for staff to remotely triage and address faults. All in real-time.
Preventative Analytics
From one location to thousands, operational information is stored from each site to help develop trends in operation to foster preventative maintenance, operational efficiency improvement, and asset replacement, allowing more predictable performance and operation.
On-Premise Security from Afar
With no employees on site, security is of top concern. Mango supports interior and exterior surveillance and detection as well as a robust access control solution from PCSC. Additionally, Mango can monitor both the fire suppression and alarm systems and easily integrates with industry-standard IoT devices to track other factors on-site (examples include generator fuel theft and contamination, motion sensors, etc)
Integrated to improve OpEx
Everything about Mango is built to help you maintain operational performance at its peak while limiting the need to have ‘boots on the ground.’ Mango easily integrates with third-party work order and management and billing solutions to help streamline your process and avoid unnecessary truck rolls.
Scale with Flexibility
Mango is made to grow with you, not against you. From the ground up, Mango is both flexible and scalable to allow it to change with your business goals. With its flexible protocol engine, you get to choose what technology you deploy in your Edge locations, free from proprietary vendor lock, and Mango allows for a stress-free rollout of new locations.
Outcomes for Everyone
Collected, analyzed, actionable data benefits a variety of departments and stakeholders within your organization, (and your customers) not just the facilities management team. Radix provides the consolidated data for a multitude of analytics services, all through a RestAPI.
Network Operations Center
Trouble detection
Surveillance camera views
Service ticketing
Remote diagnostics
Facility Management
Security and Surveillance
Breaker Status
CFM and CFD Information
Environmental Control
NOC Management
Energy reporting of portfolio and outlier detection
Downtime reporting
Upgrade provisioning
Tenant Views & Billing
From analytics to remote facility monitoring and automation, Radix IoT users have access to an intuitive, out-of-the-box flexible platform that turns disjointed data into business solutions.
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